• ACUSON NX2 Series Ultrasound System

    Siemens ACUSON NX2, YOM 07/2017, new ultrasound system with 21,5” LED-Monitor, QuickStart, operating system Windows 7, with 3 aktive transducer connections, optional 4, Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI), Color doppler, PW-doppler, integrated ultrasound-workstation DIMAQ-IP, CINE Review, Multi-Beam Formation, Wireless-Lan, Tissue Grayscale Optimization (TGO), Doppler Auto Optimization, HD Zoom, DICOM Connectivity and Worklist, EKG Modul, DTCE ( Dynamic Tissue Contrast Enhancement ), Advanced SieClear, Compound Imaging, user manual
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  • Anke Anatom Precision 64 Slice CT Scanner

    ANKE Anatom Precision 64 Slice CT Scanner – Is the latest innovation for cardiac imaging based on Precision Platform system.

    • The excellent design of Ahart technology which innovatively combined single sprial scan + gated imaging + mA modulation for easy heart imaging at extramely low radiation dose.
    • AdoseTM mA modulation ensures you low dose imaging without compromising image quality particularly useful in pediatric applications.
    • Admir3D iterative technology delivers optimal dose efficiency and noise reduction without compromising image quality.
    • Equipped with dedicated Abast and Amast for bone and metal artifacts.
    • Modularized OptiWave HD detector features low-cost & easy maintenance, high spatial resolution and long lifetime.


  • Anke ASR-4000 Digital Mammography System

    ASR-4000 is a high-end mammography system. It adopts the latest technologies which enable high performance of ASR-4000 system. The advanced HW & SW ensure our system has the features of excellent image, low radiation dose and user-friendly operation.

    Excellent Life Technology
    Ø L-Dose technology. Automatically optimize exposure parameters according to the detected breast thickness and breast density.
    Ø i-Pose intelligent positioning increases operating convenience, decreases workload and improve work efficiency.
    Ø f-Comp Flexible Compression – More flexible comp, more comfortable.
    Ø e-View system platform functions highly and seamlessly integrated in e -View system platform with easy-going work-flow and user-friendly operation.

    Biopsy and Tomography
    ASR-4000 can be upgraded with biopsy and tomography, which are the latest and most advanced functions in Mammography clinical applications.

    Various Configurations Available
    Ø Small and big detectors flat panel for choices
    Ø Detectors of a-Si/a-Se possible

  • Bistos BT 250 Fetal Doppler

    Following are the Main Features of Tabletop Fetal Doppler :-
    3.2″ TFT Color Display
    Graph Mode & Large Numeric Modes
    US Frequency- 2MHz
    Doppler Sound
    5 Watt Speaker
    3.5 MM Earphone Jack
    Wireless/Bluetooth Connectivity
    USB Transfer
    Central Station Connectivity
    5 Hours Battery
    Clinical Event Marker

  • Bistos Bt 350 Fetal Monitor, BT-350

    • Up to 150 patients date saving
    • Fetal heart sound play and record in PC
    • Multiple language support
    • Quick guide display
    • Various installation method

    Dual Pulsed Doppler:

    • Ultrasound Frequency: 0.985MHz
    • Intensity: 10mW/cm2 or less
    • FHR Range: 30~240bpm FHR
    • Accuracy: ±2% of Range
    • Auto-detection of Dual Fetal Movement
    • External Type
    • Frequency Response: DC~0.5HZ
    • Reference(Zero) Control
    • Measurement Range: 0~99 units
  • Bistos BT-500 Infant Incubator

    The Bistos BT-500 Infant Incubator can precisely control temperature and humidity with low noise, providing the best environment for the recovery of a neonate. The BT-500 will provide extreme comfort based on its ergonomic design.

  • Bistos BT700 Pulse Oximeter


    – Suitable Design for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients

    – Easy to operate a knob

    – Bright and clear TFT color LCD display

    – Various display mode (Graphic, Numeric, SpO / PR Trend) 2

    – Data saving up to 72 hours in the internal memory

    – Support firmware upgrade by USB interface

    – Apply nurse call state

    – Adjustable audible and visual alarms

    – Removable and rechargeable NIMH battery

    – Model variants

    • SpO2only
    • NIBP only
    • SpO2 + NIBP + Temp
  • Bistos Infant Warmer

    The Infant Warmer BT-550 is intended to emit controlled, evenly distributed overhead heat to the body of premature infants and other new born who cannot effectively regulate their body temperature. This device can be used before any treatment or operation of the infants.
    The device has two operating function: One is Baby mode, Other one is the manual mode. In Baby mode, the temperature is controlled by skin temperature of the infant. The skin temperature of the infant is compared to the temperature setting. The set value is lower than the measured value, the heater of device is operated to increase the temperature. In manual mode the device operated in predefined time.

  • Bistos Medical Head Lamp

    • Average Life Hours : 50000
    • Brand Name : Bistos
    • Certificate : CE, IEC, ISO, FDA
    • Color Temperature Kelvin : 6000
    • Display Type : LED
    • Import Designation : Korea
    • Min Illumination Lux : 15000
    • Model Text : BT-410
    • Tsin : T006136732
  • Bistos Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor


    12.1“ color TFT touch screen

    ECG, Resp., SpO2, NIBP, Temp., CO2, IBP, Multi-gas, C.O., Masimo SpO2

    Precise ECG measurement with pacemaker detection

    ST segment and 16 types of arrhythmia analysis

    Double overpressure protection for NIBP

    Intelligent cuff inflation pressure adjustment

    Smart Hook/Stand design, provide multiple placement modes

    Plug & Play Modular IBP& C.O., Modular Printer

    Multiple configuration options: 4-channel IBP, CO2, invasive C.O., Multi-gas

    Over 5 hours continuous working on battery

    12-15V wide range DC input, suitable for ambulance

    Capable to connect with central monitoring system

    HL7 export to clinical information systems (option)

  • Bistos Vital Sign Monitor


    4.3” color touch screen

    SpO2, Pulse, NIBP, Masimo SpO2

    Short/long trend graphic / trend table display

    Audio & visual alarm, adjustable alarm limit

    Automatic brightness adjustment Accurate SpO2 performance during motion and low

    perfusion Perfusion Index data / bar graph display

    Pitch tone variation for pulse rate

    Internal memory for data storage

    SD card for easy software upgradation

    Over 8 hours continuous working on rechargeable lithium-ion battery

    Specialized PC software for data review and analysis

    Option for Masimo SpO2, NIBP

    HL7 export to clinical information systems

  • Complete Endoscopy Stack / Tower

    **HD Digital Camera System
    • 3-Chip Full HD camera with latest MOS technology for brilliant picture quality
      • Pure Natural Colors technology
      • Multitude of digital video outputs for best possible picture transmission to medical grade monitors
      • 3 programmable remote control buttons User-friendly multilingual menu allows a large variety of setups for individual procedures and surgeons preferences
      • Full HD 60fps video recording
      • Full HD image saving
      • USB pen drive included
      • Boost function
      • On-screen-menu
      • 3 user settings storable
      • 2.5x digital zoom
      • Freeze function
      • Text generator (optional with keyboard).
    • **HD iLumen EndoVue 19″ Monitor
    • 1280×1024 (SXGA), 376x301mm, 5:4
      • 178° viewing angle, 60 W
      • Input: DVI, HD-SDI, HD-RGBS, YPrPr, VGA, S-Video,
      • DC Output: 5 Volts DC Output
      • Control Input: Serial Remote, ND-OS
      • Dimensions: 464,8 x 396,2 x 99mm / 18,3 x 15,6 x
      • 3,9”, 100mm VESA
      • Pixel Pitch: 0,294mm
      • Luminance: 350 cd/m2
      • Contrast Ratio: 650:1
    • **LUMEN LED 3 High Intensity Light Source

    • More than 10.000h lamp lifetime
    • Latest PHASER® – Technology
    • Waterproof touch control panel
    • High color rendering
    • High luminance
    • Daylight color temperature
    • Low noise level
    • No UV or IR light
    • Low power consumption
    • Video-IN terminal – 1 x VHS (BNC)
    • Color temperature – 6000 – 6500° K

     **AIRFLOW Insufflator
    • Gas Flow – 45L/min
      • User-friendly interface
    • • Highest safety standardfor patients

    • Available with CO2 heating system
    • Pre-insufflation mode for use with Verres Cannulas
    • Non-heating unit features same gasflow rates as heating unit models
    • Gas connection – UNF 7/16“ male
    • Gas – Medical Grade Carbon Dioxide.

    • Double roll pump for precise suction- and irrigation during Laparoscopic surgeries
      • Also for extraction of smoke gases that arise when using lasers and HF devices
      • Optional footswitch for comfortable operation during surgery
      • Permits dispensing with mechanically sensitive trumpet valves that require elaborate cleaning
      • Independently digital pre-settings for maximum suction and irrigation pressures
      • Digital display of actual suction and irrigation pressures
      • High efficiency with rates up to 3L/min
      • Color coded tubing sets
      • Standby function
      • Irrigation Power – 0 – 3.000 ml/min
      • Suction Power – 0 – 3.000 ml/min
      • Max. Pressure – 0 – 750 mmHg.

    5.5 mm 30° Autoclavable Laparoscope, 33cm.

    5.5 mm 90° Autoclavable Laparoscope, 33cm.

     **High-End Trolley

    • Optional doors and rear panel  in  order to protect valuable equipment
    • Optional main on/off switch
    • Power columns for cables
    • Endoscope Holder
    • Variable height support arms
    • Conductive rolls

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